Crown and Anchor Pub is proud to have been a big supporter of community, organizations, and teams for the past 3 decades.  We will continue to do so with expanded services.


  1. We still do discounted meals and service, providing some fun while the Fundraiser enjoys the profits.
  2. You can participate in the Crown Card Charity Program – giving discounts to supporting Members – and receive funds all year.
  3. You can offer our Scratch & Win Cards for sale @ $5  to your supporters.
    Each card has a minimum $5 to a maximum $30 of redemption value in our pub.  WIN! WIN!
    Example:  Your organization sells 100 cards @ $5 = $500 to you.
    Purchasers of the cards get sizeable discounts, that are good throughout the year.


Let us customize your fundraising events.

Call Charles, Kevin, or any manager available.